Saturday, May 3, 2008

My personal experience of Windows Vista - I regret going for it

Windows Vista SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tips before you purchase new computer/laptop/operating system or upgrade to new.

  • Are you going to purchase a new computer with Vista, or going to upgrade to Windows Vista?
  • Are you excited about feeling “WOW” when you start working with Windows Vista?

I am sorry to kill your excitement my dear friend but it’s true. You will be disappointed if you use your computer for the minimum things you can do with it. For example, check Mails, download free software, watch movies etc etc. And if you plan to use your computer for things like developing software, creating websites, experiment with your photos and movies by downloading free tools available, try free antivirus and firewalls; you may feel like why on earth did you purchase Windows Vista. Why didn’t you purchase Windows XP or Windows 2K?

Let me tell you my story. I was very happy and quite excited when I purchased my first computer, that too a Toshiba laptop. It came with Vista (pre-installed). I am an internet addict and dedicated blogger (enjoy firing comments to other's blogs). My plan was to start working on a start-up using few free and open source tools/softwares available on net. I was already working on these stuff on my friend's computer (with XP) before he relocated and I decided to buy a laptop.

I got the first shock when I experienced problem with Yahoo messenger. And then I noticed that Yahoo messenger for Vista is yet to come. I use messenger to talk to many of my friends (located across the globe) and its like a routine for me. This was saving me a lot of money. I can of course download other messengers and then import or add my friends there. But it’s a big pain, and you may have to ask your friends too to create another id or switch messenger, which is impractical and impossible. And once can do all these only if the other messenger has a version compatible with Vista, the chance of which is minimal.

Windows Vista makes you bankrupt if you want to download free software/tools available on internet and try them out. Ninety five percent of these utilities will not work with Vista, and you will have to purchase the ones which are working. And those ninety five percent have a version for Windows XP or Other OS. For those ready to shell out the dollars, there is a bad news. Many software/tools/Open-source stuff (and I mean many), which are easily available and very popular (the world is using and enjoying), you may not be able to use because there Vista version is not there.

Not many people knows (or told about) the importance of RAM when purchasing a computer. To millions of computer illiterate parents, what all matters is a “COMPUTER”. Even big brands are selling computer systems loaded with Windows Vista but with just 512 MB of RAM. With the kind of graphics intense operating system Vista is, and the kind of RAM consuming today’s internet is, the computer’s performance just goes for a toss. Not many people realize how the processor is toiling hard in the back end but running short of memory. The computer user runs out of patience. The result is frequent hanging of computer and then a final crash. A recovery feature will only bring them back to the same point.

Following are few links where you can read few other guys experience with Vista.,143708-page,1/article.html

In the end – the WOW experience of Vista turns out to be “Worst Of Windows” experience. I think Vista's name should be changed to Wasta :-)

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Anonymous said...

Nice Blog buddy.

Vista really sucks. I wish somebody comes up with a new operating system to kick the butt of Microsoft.

Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

All Operating Systems suck. Think about it...

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